Global Family – Tales of Gerontological Colonialism (AT)

Ballhaus Ost Berlin

& Northern Stage Newcastle (UK)

A cooperation of Costa Compagnie together with University of British Columbia, Vancouver (CAN) and Newcastle University (UK)


The international performance and science project GLOBAL FAMILY is dedicated to the outsourcing of care for the elderly, in particular the care of people with dementia from Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom to the Global South to Thailand – a biopolitical outsourcing, which Heribert Prantl in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung once referred to as “gerontological colonialism”. For the project, the Costa Compagnie, with scientists from the Universities of Vancouver and Newcastle, has teamed up with Ballhaus Ost and Northern Stage Newcastle to create a unique network that complements scientific and artistic work practices. The interviews will be filmed with a 360°-camera and presented, after the scientific analysis and archiving, in an intermedial, performative and immersive setting in Berlin and Newcastle. The performances will be accompanied by scientific conferences, plus an online virtual reality film. Have European  Societies redefined or lost the concept of family as a place of care? Does outsourcing to the global South promote a revival of colonial mechanisms? And how do Thai nurses perceive their patients? And are the well-groomed patients moving into a dystopian or paradisiacal state when forgetting prevails in the unknown context?

Premiere and shows at Ballhaus Ost Berlin: 07 – 09 November 2019

Shows at Northern Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne (UK): 13 – 15 November 2019

Funded by the general project fund of the Federal Cultural Foundation  kultur_1

Additionally funded by the University of British Columbia and the Newcastle University