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In September 2016, artists of the costa compagnie will be on campus for three weeks, engaging with Vassar students as performers and contributors, in order to premiere CONVERSION / AFTER AFGHANISTAN on the 1st of October at the Frances Daly Fergusson Theater.

The aim is to work with dancers, text performers, scientific and organizational contributors and possibly members of the Posse Veterans in order to create a unique artistic exploration in between Vassar in the United States, Germany and Afghanistan.

For now, we are on campus and willing to meet and exchange thoughts until 23rd of February 1pm. 

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about the show

„Everyday we leave the house, we are aware that we may die.“

In December 2014 the ISAF-Mission in Afghanistan ended after thirteen years. Shortly before, members of the costa compagnie traveled to the Hindu Kush, to speak to the people on site about the drawdown of the international forces. They collected conversations, sounds and images and asked especially the Afghans, as well as German and American soldiers about their views and feelings about the complex situation. In Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif; in apartments, offices, rose gardens and within the ISAF-bases they learned about the irrepressible will to reconstruct this country. They heard of security and arbitrariness, freedom rights and chaos, of hospitality and the Taliban.

The collected material now builds the base for the dance-performance CONVERSION_2. Contemporary dance, essayistic and documentary text, tableau-like video and an all-embracing sound-composition merge into an extraordinary, atmospheric form of presentation, while pursuing questions such as:

How did the ISAF-mission affect the situation in Afghanistan? Which traces does the international military presence leave behind in Afghanistan and within the individuals involved? And how can we encounter global reality in all its complexity? An artistic approach to our present times.

“The Costa Compagnie does not try to explain the world to the audience. Instead they very effectively and powerfully document the kaleidoscope of an heterogeneous Afghan present on the way to an uncertain future by artistic means. A remarkable achievement. “

Mannheimer Morgen 05.11.2015

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12th of September  – 1st of October 2016
VASSAR College
Frances Daly Fergusson Dance Theater

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