Interview Deutschlandradio Kultur (in German) / January 2013


Fukushima, my love

„This performance enlightens the shadows it casts ahead.“
Die Welt, 19.02.2013 (see below)

„Fukushima, my love“ artistically transports knowledge, a sense and a grasp of Fukushima und and the Japanese culure.
NowOut, 10.06.2013

“The radiation ultimately still remains unbelievable and devastatingly invisible in this two-hour show. But the archaeological approach to the glowing core of the disaster performed by the guests  from Hamburg provided a very considerable awareness about the fatal consequences. “
Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, 04.10.2013

1.5 years after the threefold disaster, Costa Compagnie’s Felix Meyer-Christian traveled to the Fukushima prefecture in October 2012, to the places that were destroyed by the tsunami or abruptly abandoned due to the reactor accident and were now contaminated and overgrown, in order to speak to the people on the ground about their experiences. He returned with numerous interviews, sounds and videos. In “Fukushima, my love”, the Costa Compagnie now examines whether the temporal, spatial and cultural distance to the events of the disaster can be reduced. Five performers, a musician and a video artist approach the incomprehensible on the basis of 35 interviews conducted on site, the film “Hiroshima, mon amour” and Japanese mythological stories. The result is a performative, media-dense essay – in which the audience finds itself situated in the middle of the stage – between dance, situational installation and theatre, which focuses on the question: What is the human being in the face of the catastrophe?


Writer, Director & Camera
Felix Meyer-Christian

Choreography & Dance
Signe Koefoed, Frank Koenen / Robert Bell, Jascha Viehstädt, Maria Walser

Christina Flick, Dennis Pörtner / Hauke Heumann

Katharina Kellermann

Jonas Plümke

Stage & Costume
Anika Marquardt, Lani Tran-Duc

Dramaturgy & Curator of the 72hrs-Archeology
Sven Christian Schuch

Numan Jadallah, Anita Könning, Nicole Nowak

72std-Special Guest
Chikako Kaido (Choreographie & Tanz), Antonio Stella (Künstl. Mitarbeit)

Research in Japan
Felix Meyer-Christian

Translator in Fukushima-Prefecture
Zheng Mingxin



January 2013 at Fleetstreet Theater Hamburg

National Theater Weimar (E.Werk) (edt. version), June 2013
Theater of Bremen (Outnow-Festival), Juli 2013
Theater and Orchestra of Heidelberg (Opening Doppelpass-Residency), September 2013
Thalia Theater Hamburg (150%-Festival), April 2014

A production by Costa Compagnie
The project has been funded and supported by:


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The shows in Heidelberg were funded by Fonds Doppelpass by the German Federal Cultural Foundation

Additionally supportet by:

Company Werner Kürsten (Kartonagen), allbuyone (Eventbedarf), habitat (Inneneinrichtung), Sautter & Lackmann (Fachbuchhandlung), Kampnagel Hamburg and JustMusic Hamburg!