December 2020
Ballhaus Ost Berlin

In this laboratory situation, the dancers TingAn Ying and David Pallant share the character of Hamlet in a real stage space and in its virtual replica using AR and VR glasses. In doing so, they reflect on being/existence itself and on its virtual extensions “in the tomorrow” in Shakespeare’s own words. Ophelia joins them via a webcam from another, third location.

Costa Compagnie’s technical experimental set-up in “Shapes of Hamlet” enables the performers to simultaneously perform the scene on stage, in the digital VR-space, as well as via a simple web-browser on a mobile phone or computer. The same possibility exists for the audience, who can attend the performance in the real auditorium, in the VR-chatroom or via browser. This way, performers and audience members can participate and watch the same performance simultaneously on different continents and also spatially take part in it.

Work-in-Progress: More scenes will follow here shortly.


Director & Concept: Felix Meyer-Christian XR, Concept & Set-Up: Erik Kundt Edit & Color: Stéphanie Morin  Music: Marcus Thomas Outside Eye: Zahava Rodrigo, Keren Chernizon Cam Operator: Felix Meyer-Christian, Stéphanie Morin


Performance & Co-Creation: Hauke Heumann, David Pallant, TingAn Ying Text: William Shakespeare, David Pallant

A XR-research by Costa Compagnie in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost.

Funded by the programme “RELOAD. Grants for independent groups from the German Federal Cultural Foundation.”