A freely accessible situation


From Wednesday night until the start of the performance on Saturday night the Fleetstreet Theater turns into a refuge and performative research station. Layer by layer, the performers, dancers, musicians, video artists and actors will work their way through the collected and researched materials and involved and start the attempt of a 3-day continuous approach to Japan, to the Japanese, to the disaster, the reality of Fukushima. During these 72 hours the whole team will live, perform, eat, sleep and share together within the space, which is open to the public at all times and invites visitors in different formats for participation: Sorting pebbles, cooking rice, discussing research material and interviews, reading in the library, sleeping, eating and watching performance, movies and lectures. The results will converge on Saturday the 19th at the premiere of the dance-performance FUKUSHIMA, MY LOVE.

Wednesday | 16.01.| 19h through to Saturday | 19.01.| 19h
Curator: Sven Christian Schuch